November 1, 2013

Cover Image and Interview in The Artist Catalogue Winter ‘13 Issue

Included as one of the 12 featured emerging artists. Winner of the cover image.

“I want my collages to be more like poems in a series of vignettes and images but not so much about a coherent story as about what kind of relationships seemingly disparate image parts can form. I also try to explore themes of identity, change, and struggle.”

Full interview in the Winter ‘13 issue.

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“Sahara Shrestha’s work is a breath of fresh air. In a time saturated with filtered cellphone pictures and social media blasts, Shrestha uses repeating geometric motifs and appropriated imagery to create collages in a format highly enticing and readable. I selected her work as the cover of The Artist Catalogue’s Winter 2013 issue because of its smart use of color, space, and presence. Shrestha shows great promise in the fine art community, and I, among others, look forward to seeing what her next move is.”
-David Brown, Editor-In-Chief of The Artist Catalogue